Tricked became enjoyed IV

It had been over two weeks since my horrible experience. With time, I had grown to accept what had happened. Although I felt used, I had definitely invited it on myself. I didn’t know anything about the guy, and even after insulting me and telling me he was in a relationship, I still begged him to let me suck his cock. I knew I wouldn’t be going after him again. My life was returning to normal, I wasn’t experiencing the intense desires to dress up that I had recently. I had put away my clothes Read more [...]


The bucking sensation from underneath me could only mean one thing... car trouble. My luck had finally run out on this old piece of shit I have been driving for a year longer than I could have expected. It would be my luck to have it die in the middle of this country road. Taking the scenic route made more sense an hour ago as I slipped off the interstate for a change of pace. I'm not sure if I would be better off on the highway or on this rolling countryside. Only time will tell. Pulling off Read more [...]

My Hot Dorm Mate drove me too it!

His name was Mark – my new college roommate from Boston. Going back east to college was my first time away from LA, and I was still surprisingly shy when meeting people considering I was pretty popular and adventurous in high school. Maybe it was because, frustratingly, I was still a virgin. I mean I’d had blow jobs and the usual makeout sessions with girlfriends, but just never really gotten the deed done. Mark was incredibly smart, almost too smart. I really liked how normal he seemed considering Read more [...]

Mark The Spot

I was thinking as I walked through the side door of my house that this was probably the worst day of my life. Humiliated at work... no, undermined by a snivelling little shit that worked for me and almost got me fired. To top it all off, my car pool gets screwed up and I have to beg for a ride home. More humiliation... just what I need. Why did I move my family to this town when I was already doing well? Including today, I have asked myself that same question 265 times so far this Read more [...]

The Favorite Uncle

What the hell is wrong with me? I couldn't help but ask myself this question once again as I drove away from my brothers house, having dropped my nephew off at my brothers again. I shivered slightly, terrified about what could happen if Danny said anything. I close my eyes, just for a second, as I pause at a stop light. In the dark beneath the eyelids my brain swam with thoughts of flesh, the smell of sex, and the sight of those god damn emerald eyes looking up at my innocently. I shook Read more [...]

iPhone Journey

It didn't take me long to notice you from across the room. Any man in a suit catches my eye and it was a bonus to find that you were so handsome. I looked you up and down several times in an instant, trying to burn your image into my brain for private safekeeping and future recall. Even now, after all these months, I can recall my first glimpse of you and it makes me hard just thinking about kissing those lips. I was disappointed to see that you had finished your latte and scone so quickly. Read more [...]

Do I have to? Or do I want to?

I have always been curious about other men's penises. Not just any; large penises. Could never bring myself to do anything about it though. For one thing I love pussy, and women for that matter. For another I was a typical straight male. Made fun of gays in front of my friends. We all did I guess. I know, not very mature. "Faggot" was one of my put-down words to call my friends when I was implying he was weak or unmanly. These first 27 years of my life were lived as a dominantly heterosexual Read more [...]

Davis’ House

This has boy/boy and boy/girl. If you don't like one of them, don't flame me. Just don't read this. I've changed a couple of names, but as nearly as I can remember, this is how it actually happened: Davis and I became best friends in elementary school. He had been held back a year (back when they still did that sort of thing), and I was one of the youngest in our grade, so he was a year and a half older than me. He definitely hit puberty first, showing me when he got his first pubes. Soon, Read more [...]

Teen Brothers Growing Up3

Part 3 I woke up the next day. With a hard on as usual. Then I remembered what I had been doing the night before. I was in shock, I was worried he might tell our parents or worse, my friends that I was a cock sucker . I was dreading seeing him the next time. I was hoping he had already left the house this morning as I headed down the stairs for breakfast. The house was quiet , which meant everyone had already left. I hurriedly made my way out of the door for school. I was in a different Read more [...]

The Librarian – Part 6

Tears still running down his face, Daniel slowly walked up to Peter. “I'm not a liar, but I did break my promise. Please forgive me for that,” he quietly asked, barely looking at him. Too much was happening at once, and his mind was almost numb. “Cheating bitch,” Peter hissed, the anger and jealousy evident in his voice. Daniel didn't even feel the pain intended by the insult. He looked directly at him now, fixing on those honey sparkles he always found so alluring. “We just said good-bye, Read more [...]