Gay Warrior

I wasn’t looking for tight, hard Marine butt. When you’re deployed for six months on an LST with three hundred other Marines and a couple hundred dick-hungry sailors, checking out ass in the shower is the last thing you do. You get really good at going through the day with blinders on, ignoring the packages in the weight room, the dicks swinging and slapping hard Marine thighs in berthing, the ball bags hanging heavy and low. A lot of other guys on the ship want the same things Read more […]

A Gay Man’s Childhood Story

Somebody on familysex suggested that I write all of this down, and friend said he would post it, so here goes. obviously, don’t read this if you’re too young, easily offended, prone to hysterics, or possessed of a judgmental mind-set. Basically, the short version of the story is that I had (and still have) sexual relations with my brother and a less sexual but still pretty intimate relationship with my parents. That’s it. Now for the long version. I’m male, 20 years old, Read more […]

First Blowjob in a Bath House

I had been going to the bath house off and on for a while. Some times it was pretty quiet, with nothing happening, and then other times the action would be hot and heavy. So, one late afternoon, I stopped in for a quick steam bath. As I was undressing in my room, before even heading to the showers and steam room, I heard a soft knock on my door. I opened it and in came an over weight man, in his 40s. He told me that his room was next to mine and to wait for him while he undresses. Read more […]

121st Street

Hi, my names Clint Holbrook, and I have to admit that things just aren’t turning out right for me this week. Stuck in New York for a convention that my boss has made me attend (against my will, no less) I’m surely not a happy camper. To add to the negative attitude of just having to be here, getting here just had to be the pits. Here I am on 121st street, lost and being followed by 3 Hispanic guys. I can feel the tension and fear rising. How am I going to get out of this mess? Let Read more […]

Unexpected Fun On Friday With Office Friend

Please accept my apologies for poor choice of words as this is my first story. I am a bisexual guy, young definitely, good looking that I don’t know but always decent complements. This happened a few weeks back when I made a new friend in office and I realized that he is as alcoholic as I am. So to check his drinking capacity I took him to a nearby pub and we started drinking. I realized this guys is a fun to be with and he turns out to be really interesting one after a couple of pegs. But Read more […]

gay sex

Today I am going to write my own story. Please excuse me for my mistakes as this is my first story and also my first sex encounter and that also gay. Talking about me, I am 21 years slim boy from Mumbai. I am very slim my body stats are height is 5’8″ waist is 28 and my weight is around 50 kg. I have 6″ uncut tool and very tiny ass with soft butts. I am manly guy but have feminine like smooth body. Many of my female friends told me that I have girly figure. And once while traveling in train Read more […]

How I Became A Sissy Roommate

Hi this is Jeet from Mumbai. It was the end of my 12th boards and I had gotten admission in an engineering college in Pune. It was always my fantasy to be a sissy slut for a guy and so I began to find people online who were looking for roommates on planet Romeo a gay social website. I found a guy named Paras who had a flat in Pune which was near my college and he wanted a roommate to split the rent. He was a 23 year old dominant top and wanted a bottom as a roommate. We discussed the rent and he Read more […]

Vacations – Time In Heaven With My Hubby

Hi guys this is again Ankit from Hisar, Haryana here. I am here with my new story. For them who don’t know me, I am a slim 18 year old cute guy from Hisar city of Haryana. After meeting Neha and her uncle my life totally changed. But somehow things went wrong and we separated. My life became dumb bore. They took my all fun and pleasure with them. At the end of session, all my friends left for home for their vacation. But I didn’t want to go home. I persuade my parents for this by giving them Read more […]

Rajan To Rajni: A Boy Becomes A Girl

My name is Rajan and I was little girlish looking during college days. When I joined the junior college at the age of 18, many friends and seniors commented that I looked like a girl to whom I felt very uncomfortable and shy. I stayed in the hostel. My roommate was Vir, who was 2 years senior to me. He was strongly built and muscular and it seemed he liked me. He often protected me from the bullying from my classmates as well as seniors. So I too began to like him and we became friends soon. Once Read more […]

My Gay Experience In Chennai

When the internet revolution started, porn was the most popular amongst surfers. I was no exception – I would sit up late in the night, after the wife and children were in bed and some days would be watching porn till 3 or 4 in the morning. It was during this time that I realized that the naked male held a lot of attraction for me. Adding to this was the fact that my dear wife was losing total interest in sex. So I would end up watching gay sex photos and read gay stories and would end up playing Read more […]