Teen boys Rest Stop

My name is Preston. I’m 14- almost 15 and I’m gay. I Kind of consider myself a boyslut. After reading a bunch of stories about boys my age getting it on in lockerrooms and at sleepovers I decided that’s what I wanted. I found a path through some woods by my house and it led to a rest stop by the highway. I knew this was were I’d have my chance if I had a chance. I locked my bike to a tree and passed a group of five boys playing hacky sac. Kne of them had a rainbow bracelet. I walked across his line of sight and scratched my head making sure he saw my bracelet. I went into the mens room to a stall. Sure enough there was the graffiti with phone numbers and a gloryhole in the wall. I dropped my shorts to my ankles and adjusted them so my DC shoes were clearly visible then my red and blue plaid boxers fell to my ankles. I adjusted everything that would be visible under the stall wall so it would be obvious a teen boy was sitting there. I shut the lid and sat down. I held my 6 inch boner stroking it a little and waited. I hoped that boy would walk in. I heard some chatter outside the door and someone walked in. The stall next to me, the one in which the glory hole was connected to opened and that boy walked in! He was standing in the stall taking a piss. I thought that was weird. He had a nice cock and balls with all natural pubes. He held his shirt up with his chin and he was fit! What a chest! I decided to go for it and draw attention to my self before he left. I grabbed my cock with my left hand and jacked it hard so my balls hit my legs and smacked together making the obvious noise if a boy jacking off. I glanced through the hole and the boy was jacking his cock while looking through the hole.
“Put it through” said the boy.
I almost jizzed right there. My plan was working. I stood up and put my boner through the gloryhole. The boy sat on his toilet and took hold of my cock.
“Nice prick you got here.” he said
“thanks” was all I could manage.
“ever been blown before?” he asked
“no, I haven’t.” I replied.
“well you’re about to be.” and with that he engulfed my dick and started sucking. It was amazing. His warm mouth surrounded my cock as he sucked it. It was just sensational.
“oh yeah! Suck my cock. Swallow it. Oh yeah” I exclaimed.
He increased his speed at that. My legs were getting shaky. I grabbed the top of the wall for support and I slammed my cock farther through the hole. This boy was fantastic. He had done this before.
“oh jeeze. It’s coming! I’m gonna blow. I’m cummmming!!” I almost yelled.
I blew my load of five ropes of hot juicy sperm sauce in the boy’s warm mouth. He let off and I heard him swallow and smack his lips together. My dick as still in the hole. He went down on it once more to clean my 6 inch uncut cock off. He gave it a kiss and I pulled it back through.
“You’re turn” the boy told me
He stood up and put his uncut cock through the glory hole. My legs were shaking from excitment. I grabbed his cock and licked around his foreskin. I then pulled it back and licked his head. I let the foreskin go back so my tongue was under it. I licked around somemore and I went down completely on him. I loved the smell of his crotch. It smelled just amazing that i can’t describe it. The smell of his lubes was just overwhelming. I came back to reality and realized I’d stopped sucking. I got back in it and bobbed my head up and down on this beautiful cock. I mimicked all the porn stars I watched everynight. I tried deep throating it and I onl gagged once. I got it down and started swallowing actions to massage this 6 1/2-ish inch long cock that was down my throat. The boys balls retracted up to his body and he started to quiver and shake. He let out loud moans and that was enough for me. I knew he was gonna cum. I sped up and bobbed all the way on ad almost off the cock and jacked it with my mouth over the head. He let his giant load of cum from his huge balls loose in my mouth. I rubbed his cock and siphened out the rest of sperm into my mouth I didn’t swallow immediately. I swashed the semen around coating my mouth in it. It was so delicious. I swallowed it and let off his cock. I let out a breath and sat back.
“hey” said the boy “come into my stall and we can exchange numbers. Let’s do this again sometime.”
“pick ur kegs up I’ll just slide under the wall.”
He did so and I slid under. The boy stood up, grabbed my face cheeks and planted a kiss right on my lips. He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes and I stared into his ice blue eyes.
“you give really good head” he told me. “what’s your name?”
“Preston. You give good head too” I said back. “what’s yours?”
“Aaron.” he replied.
He got his phone out and hit some buttons.
“what’s your number, Preston?”
I told him my number and he told me his. I input it in my phone.
“are you from around here?” I asked knowing the answer. He had the same area code as me.
“yeah. I live just across the highway.”
“cool. I live back on the other side if the woods.”
“let’s meet up again sometime. Maybe we can go to my house nxt time.”
“definatley. That would be awesome.” I replied.
“I’d better get going.”
“yeah me too”
He gave me another kiss and smacked my ass. I giggled.
“here let me get that for you.” I pulled his boxer halfway up, fondled his balls the. Pulled them the rest up. Then I pulled up his shorts. He did the same to me. I really liked this boy.
He kissed me again and said bye. He left the stall and washed his hands and left.
I stayed for another minute. I couldn’t believe I swapped head with another boy and he wanted to meet again!
I walked out of the stall and left the bathroom. As I walked out I saw Aaron and his friends waiting down by the highway for a clearance of cars to cross. I went to my bike and rode home.
What a fantastic day.